Two movies and counting…


Every filmmaker has an unfinished project but only a truly exceptional filmmaker would dare have two.

Welcome to the movie blog of Dan Kelly and his tribe, formerly known as ‘Mistakes I Have Made’. Mistakes mostly involving the planning, production and post-production of the 2006 narrative ‘Daughter of God’ or DOG, Dan’s first project with a budget over 5 figures. It’s an ongoing saga by the by, so there is likely to be a little more spending.

In 2009, pushing audacious mistakes to hitherto unsuspected realms of creative possibility, Dan started another major project, the feature length documentary ‘Around Lake Michigan’.

Each movie has it’s own process, cast of characters and mileau. The boons afforded by decisive action contrary to convention are here gathered to delight and intrigue the curious, the stout hearted and the slightly feisty.

Public comments are not possible on this blog, but many of the posts here are duplicated and available for comment on the ALM and DOG blogs