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During the gentle release of Dan Kelly’s (aka Shri Fugi Spilt*) long anticipated, (and presumed by some to be literally FICTIONAL), project Daughter of God, Holy Boners is going into maintenance mode. We regret any inconvenience caused by lack of access to this trove of movie making lore, and will resume archive availability sometime in late 2017. However, be of good cheer!  New treasures are being offered by Dan weekly on the Daughter of Godcast podcast. For those who hunger for his wisdom and insight, for the succor of his soothing speech, there is no more direct contact possible with this creative colossus short of climbing into a sleeping bag with him on a frosty autumn eve.


* Fugi Spilt is the Essene spelling, and is pronounced FUJI, (like the sacred Japanese mountain) and SPLIT (as in banana).