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I’ve been blogging in my mind for the last couple of months, here’s a sample of the topics I’d like elaborate on soonish.

First, a crisis of confidence. Gosh, why blog at all? With the explosion of FB, a personal blog seems like a lot of work for friends. I intuit (perhaps fear would be more apropos) that pushing out post links via email is just going to feel like obligation to my peeps. On the other hand (maybe this is arrogance now) it’s not impossible that my ravings are a lantern in the fog. Is it encouraging to think of Dan Kelly out there somewhere, still deep into his crazy schemes? I’d like to think that Doug Michels would give an approving nod from the command pod of Bluestar and of course James Allegro here on Terra. As I’ve oft stated, blogging is performance art for my crowd of internal personas, getting it beyond my skull feels wonderfully pointless, like a SETI broadcast to the cosmos. Is anyone out there? Whatever.

“Artist house, instantiate your metameme. Standby to vortex the vagus!”


Speaking of SETI, I recently bought one of these…

It’s the Flag of Earth, the planet whose “anthem is the wind in her trees and the waves of her seas”. From flagofearth.orgThe Flag of Earth could be flown if you are conducting a project or event which benefits the Earth as a whole … not just your community or country. If that’s not Around Lake Michigan, well then heck.

Rosie the Pocket Cruiser, (25 foot Seacraft Dana clone).

I got curious about Earth flags after I acquired Rosie, my ticket to Cuba and support ship for the new ALM Hobie fleet. She deserves her very own post, but here’s a teaser – parked next to Hello World.

Rosie and Hello World apparently mouldering. Weapons to overthrow the inner oppressor, hidden in plain sight.


Creative Film Finance

I’ve been perfecting my 0 APR credit card film finance scheme. I’ve got about 60k in available credit now and my FICA score keeps rising. Decrypting the system is really fascinating. I can’t say I’m gaming it yet, but I have hopes…

Save the Hobies

What are all these vintage Hobie’s doing in the garden? Are the neighbors complaining? I like to imagine jetskiers wilting in their shorts when they drive by. These specters of the 70s, embodied energy waiting for their moment in the wind, to shine and sparkle once again. Who will crew the pirate fleet? We need more H16s!

Artifacts of a Sustainable Civilization? Not yet, but dreaming in the right direction…



Around Lake Michigan has transmogrified from the Search for Sustainable Civilizations into the People’s Inspection of Atomic Power. Hard to close your eyes and read at the same time, but savor this… Sunrise on the Big Lake. A ragtag squadron of vintage catamarans suddenly surges into view, spray spinning off dancing bows, crews in harness hanging over blurred waves. Where are they going? Ahead… pale pink beaches rising into dunes, green forest and… incomprehensible! A behemoth of the industrial age sprawls across the shore! Concrete containment, plumes of steam, high voltage electrical infrastructure, a nuclear power plant.  A mysterious and unpredictable convergence of 20th century artifacts – leaping sun powered sail boats and a brooding atomic reactor.


So what’s all this about the shack? After a year of slogging, brutal renovations by Patrick and Dan, the family’s cow farm has a maker outpost. Hungering for a more proprietary scenario to build his race car, Patrick has recently vacated. I’m finishing the mad lab by my lonesome. Where will the Hobies be reborn? How will Rosie get her groove back? The shack.


Animation Studio

Ben Woody inspired me to act on a dormant dream. I discovered Dragon Frame about a year or so ago, and have had it on the Birthday list. After my decisive move into VFX, with the nefs last year and the advent of an ambitious intern this year, I decided it was time to manifest. A little ahead of schedule but right on time, I’ve acquired a long coveted set of Dedo lights, a Canon T3i and Dragon Frame. Check some of our early tests at Ben’s YouTube channel. The garage is being converted to an animation studio where all this gear lives.

Personal Archeology

In the process of cleaning and organizing, I’ve come across a slew of old paintings, letters – my personal archeology. I’ve sort of boxed it all for the moment, but there will be a reckoning, oh yes.

James and Jeff

I seem to be spending ever more time talking with Jeff about his project Planet. Weston’s been revising the Ethiopia concept and I’ve kinda getting sucked in a bit there too. Collaborating with these two has been great, I really don’t have anyone else who is deep into projects and I didn’t realize how encouraging this comradery can be.

Ben Woody

I’m looking forward to sharing my Ben Woody boon with y’all, but for now check out his blog

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