Cast of characters

Up this morning early trying to time lapse celestial events, then back home for a super hot bath. Claire raved about cold showers and so as a concession to her I flopped into Crystal right after. It’s been a super summer at the lake temple, grueling for the rest of the mid west but no complaints right here in heaven. The water is certainly not cold but it was cooling. When I got back inside there was a little bird hopping around the fireplace. I opened a window and gently shewed him out. Then hit my scalp with apple cider vinegar and now I am at the helm of the starblog.

I look kinda skinny here, wouldn’t it be fun to bulk up this winter? Should I hit 50 looking the part of the spiritual commando or stay in camouflage?

Anyway, here’s my epiphany for the morning. Writing about Doug and Jim Allegro and then imagining Lena maybe checking in with the organic spacecrafter Kai during her Seattle flyby which reminded me Dirk, Kai’s brother who was my inspiration for monkey barring the Artist house…my cast of characters. How much fun it would be writing little bios for everyone. I mention folks frequently in these posts so why not a reference page where they all live? Wouldn’t that be delightfully annoying to my tribe? Rue the day they ever came onto my radar? Nah, they’d dig it or at least not mind, mostly.

I dream about scanning all my paper based correspondence and getting EVERYTHING online, not unlike Kurzweil’s effort to resurrect his father – except I’m not dead yet. A cast of characters and a timeline would help access this ocean of data. Also helpful when I get round to writing 1o pages for every year of my life as recommended by Gurudeva, not to mention The Making of a Saint, revisited. You have no idea what I am talking about, eh? Back to Rotoscoping!

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